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What to Expect

Three Phases to Completion
What To Expect

Phase I

The first crew you will see is a group of experienced men who will prepare the site. Foundation Specialists will relocate any plants from the designated work areas unless you have already taken care of this prior to our arrival. We break through any concrete or any surfaces necessary and dig, by hand, access holes three (3) to four (4) feet deep approximately the size of a doormat. Heavy plywood covers protect each hole from hazards and/or debris as we complete this job phase. Unless, your job requires interior piers, no access to the inside of the house will be necessary during the initial phase. In some instances, some materials may be delivered a day or two prior to the scheduled start date. Please remember to keep plants watered during all job phases.

Phase II

We will need access to electrical outlets on separate circuits which may require access inside the home during this phase of the job. The specialists will then begin reinforcing your foundation on columns. The columns will be installed by hydraulically driving them beneath the foundation to refusal. Each piling installation point will serve as platforms for jacks to raise the settled portions of the foundation. This will transfer the weight of the structure from unstable soil to deeper, more stable layers. Remember to keep plants watered.

Phase III

This final phase involves leveling or raising the foundation. The lower places of the foundation where the pilings were installed will be raised to as near original elevation as possible. Jacks will then be placed on top of the pilings. A specialist will then closely direct and carefully monitor the reactions of the structure. When leveling is complete, steel spacers will be inserted on concrete blocks to support the building. Finally, the top portions of the holes will be refilled with soil and surface concrete breakthroughs will be carefully patched to match the texture of the original concrete as closely as possible. The patches may not match the color of the older concrete. Plants will be replanted and the yard, walks and drives will be made free of excess dirt and debris.

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